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Own the Microphone

Oct 22, 2020

Own The Microphone Episode 8

You’re Never Off-Stage

This week's guest on Own the Mic Podcast is David Bryson, a keynote and motivational speaker who inspires and encourages your organization to get results. Bridgett and David talk about missteps in presenting and how to present yourself from the minute you wake up until the minute you fall asleep.

Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: David Bryson

Instagram @davidbryson7
David offers a free hour-long coaching session on how to be a better public speaker.
What did you find was something that would make you unsuccessful when presenting? What was a misstep or hiccup that can make presentations not so great?
What do you do when your technology fails during a presentation?
You are engaging with the audience from the second that you walk on stage, to the second the Q & A is done, the the second that people come up to you and give you a card or ask you a question. You are never off stage.
David Bryson: "The number one thing to giving a great performance is to be in control of your breath."
Bridgett McGowen: "Dress in a way that communicates the brand that you want, and the message a perception you want to go out to people about you." 
Bridgett McGowen: "Make everything you say a presentation."
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