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Own the Microphone

Oct 15, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 7

Your Audience Will Let You Know You're on the Right Track

This weeks guest on Own The Mic Podcast is a Speaker, facilitator, moderator and panelist who coaches women on how to own their career, Simone Morris 

Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: Simone Morris 

Twitter: @simonemorrisent

Simone offers a free breakthrough call

Visit to connect with Simone.


How do you get past the fear of speaking in front of a crowd and giving a presentation?


Simone Morris: "I think you have to be your biggest hype person."


What do you do when you see a look of dislike or distain in the audience?


What made Simone Morris get into public speaking, a field of work that so many have a fear of?


The great thing about Toastmasters, an organization that promotes communication and public speaking , is that it allows someone to build the solo skill of speaking in front of others all alone.


The best learners and teachers watch and listen to other learners and teachers and take some of their best ways of communication and add them to their tool kit.

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