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Own the Microphone

Dec 15, 2022

On this week's episode of Own the Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes a behavioral economist, and podcast host who is motivated by the vision that we can change the world one workshop at a time, Myriam Hadnes. Bridgett and Myriam discuss judgement from others, what Myriam speaks about, difficult audience members, challenges when it comes to speaking, and more!

Get Myriam's 12 Steps Checklist to make workshops work at
Connect with Myriam at and on IG @myriamhadnes
How did Myriam Hadnes get started as a public speaker? What is the scariest part of speaking?
The Dunning–Kruger effect, imposter syndrome.
Has Myriam always learned from others to improve herself?
What does Myriam usually speak on?
Dealing with difficult audience members.
A question for Bridgett.
Last tips on how to own the microphone.

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