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Own the Microphone

Jan 28, 2021

Own The Microphone Episode 19

Virtual Presentations: YOU Are the Final Product

Guest: Molika Gupta

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On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes Molika Gupta, a transformational coach, speaker and author on a mission to catalyze 10,000 women by 2025. The focus of today's episode is presenting in a virtual world. Molika offers an "Unstuck Your Stuck” one-on-one session. It's a no fluff-straight to the point-strategy call. She pinpoints where you are stuck, then devises a 30-day plan.  Visit to schedule.


What are some of Molika's top strategies when it comes to presenting in an online environment?


When it comes to smiles, emotions, gestures while presenting online, think Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas.


What colors look great on camera? Royal blue, Kelly green, warmer purple colors, coral/fuchsia.


What are some things you should never do in an online environment?


Get someone to assist you in moderating the virtual chats.


Molika Gupta: "Make sure your internet connection is not sloppy."


Look into becoming a certified virtual presenter.


Have a printout of all of your slides and notes just in case they do not show up on screen.


Molika Gupta: "As a are the final product. Technology is just there to assist you."


Try not to become a complainer. Everyone is still trying to learn how to present online and set up meetings online. Complaining never works.


Being a speaker is the fastest and best way to build trust.


Something audiences would find surprising about Bridgett and Molika.

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