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Own the Microphone

Aug 20, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 1

Use Negative Energy as a Springboard to Positive Action


Bridgett McGowen:


Guest: Kevin Maevers





Kevin is an expert in leadership development; Micro-prenerurship and small business start-up strategies. He is also a personal and professional branding coach and mentor.


On today's episode Kevin and I discuss finding confidence in public speaking, what to do when technology fails or the unexpected happens and why the smallest details matter the most when it comes to public speaking. Kevin and I have a combined 60 years of professional speaking experience, so we have literally seen it all!


How do you find confidence in public speaking, even if you are inexperienced, or don’t have an overly impressive resume.



How you should start in public speaking: finding a mentor or coach



The importance of passion in public speaking. “It really comes down to knowing yourself.”



Dig Deep: what does this mean and how you can use it to impact people through public speaking. What is it that lights a fire within you?



What’s the best way to get a presentation going? How do you get people going? What’s the best approach to trying to win over an audience and how do you start it?



The importance of storytelling in your presentation. 



How do you positively engage an audience when you have bad news? What’s the best way to convey news that is not positive?

“Many people don’t realize how many great companies started during an economic downturn. What a great inspirational story. But you wouldn’t know that unless you study the history of business and business development.”



What do you do during a presentation when technology fails?

 “I go into every presentation with the assumption that my technology is going to fail.”



A story from Kevin Mavers on preparedness and what you should do when technology fails.



The importance of preparedness and getting to your presentation site early enough to ensure you have all contingencies accounted for.



The importance of paying attention to the smallest details and how all of the most seemingly minute details being ironed out can lead to overall success in public speaking.



In the modern world, where Zoom communication and audio/visual communication through digital means, ensure your surroundings represent you and your message.


Show notes:

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences


Kevin’s offering a 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your micro-preneurial dreams and 50% off the regular price for attendance in the 12-week Micro-preneurial Apprentice Program.

You can find Kevin on the major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


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