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Own the Microphone

Dec 17, 2020

Own The Microphone Episode 15

Understand Communication on Both Sides—the Verbal and the Nonverbal

Guest: Granison Shines

On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes Granison Shines, professional speaker; entrepreneur; author; and cofounder of Seduire International, a business, mindset, training and coaching company. Bridgett and Granison discuss how to deal with butterflies before giving a presentation, big mistakes made when presenting, how confidence is key, and more.

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How did Gransion Shines get started as a professional speaker?
Almost any professional speaker who is honest with you is going to tell you that they have butterflies before any kind of presentation. How does Granison Shines deal with the butterflies before a presentation?
You need to master self image and loving what you see in the mirror, self worth, and control.
Granison Shines: "Your confidence speaks loudly even before you utter your very first words."
Granison Shines focuses a lot on leadership and nonverbal communication. What does he typically speak on and how did he find himself speaking in that area?
What was one of the biggest mistakes Granison Shines made as a professional speaker and how did he fix it?
How does Granison Shines help people see the power in their voices?
Lightning round. Suit and tie or shirt and slacks? Lapel microphone or handheld microphone? Large audience or intimate audience? Keynote or Workshop? Uber or Lyft? Lectern or no lectern?
Granison's last message to give to listeners on how to own the microphone is Understand Communication on Both Sides—the Verbal and the Nonverbal.
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