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Own the Microphone

Jul 8, 2021

On this week's episode of Own the Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes a strategist, best-selling author, and international speaker who is dedicated to empower women to unlock their inner confidence to be unapologetic, Regina Robinson. Bridgett and Regina discuss the power of moving in silence, giving the crowd exactly what they showed up to get no matter the situation, taking what you know and turning it into what you believe, and more!

Own the Microphone With Bridgett McGowen. 

Take What You Know and Turn It into What You Believe

Guest: Regina Robinson

Get in touch with Regina:
Text 240-681-9024 #ownthemicrophone with your name and email to schedule a discovery call with Regina.


How did Regina Robinson get into the world of public speaking?


How have friends and family kept Regina going in speaking professionally?


Reginas two books.


There are no mistakes in a presentation; the audience does not know a mistake happened--just keep going.


How does someone bring the passion to a presentation no matter what the presentation is about?


Presentation must do's.


What is a need to know to be able to own the microphone?


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