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Own the Microphone

Sep 17, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 4

Successes Impress, Failures Inspire

Don’t wait for inspiration, you have to schedule it. You have to show up everyday with the expectation of a new idea. Travis Hardin is a leadership speaker and mentor to purpose seekers, and Travis believes that success is great, but failure is a true inspiration. 

 Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: Travis Hardin




How Travis Hardin get into public speaking and how he rejected it at first because of his first love and passion: baseball  


Travis is a great example of how honing your speaking skills can help you become more than just a one-dimensional professional. 

Travis Hardin: “What do I want them to see? That’s how you become better at x, y and z. You want to be a good example. People do what people see, so you 


Don’t wait for inspiration, you have to schedule it. 


What do you do when technology fails? What do you do when your expectations on a public speaking engagement change?

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You have to place the value on the people that are there to listen to you.


Technology does not come close to what a person can bring to a presentation. 


What else do we need to know to make sure our presentation is the best that it can be?


Travis Hardin: "Todays celling is tomorrows floor."

Travis Hardin likes to think of todays accomplishments as a starting point for tomorrow. Todays best is no good tomorrow. 


So many people stop moving up, and stop progressing because they did one good thing. You cannot stop after one accomplishment, you need to use that to set your next goal even higher.


How does Travis Hardin get past the fear of standing in front of a crowd and speaking in front of people?


Travis Hardin: "Once you take the front of that room, it's all about telling your story and adding value to the people."


You must start somewhere and learn from the past in order to progress.