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Own the Microphone

Jun 17, 2021

On this week's episode of Own the Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes a Forbes featured entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of thousands of business owners understand how to create successful businesses on social media, Estelle Keeber. Bridgett and Estelle discuss getting past the discomfort of hearing and seeing yourself speak, how Estelle got to where she is today, the power of social media, some topics that Estelle speaks on, and much more.

Own the Microphone With Bridgett McGowen. 

Push Through Your Fears

Guest: Estelle Keeber

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What did Estelle Keeber do before she owned the microphone?


From social media to speaking.


Does Estelle's message always resonate with the audience?


What does Estelle do to always stay on top of her speaking game?


What are some topics that Estelle speaks on?




One last suggestion to own the microphone.


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