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Own the Microphone

Feb 4, 2021

Own The Microphone Episode 20

Present to Express, Not to Impress

Guest: Dr. James Smith, Jr., CSP

Dr. James offers a complimentary one-hour Zoom coaching session. Connect with Dr. James through his website, email or social media.



As the President and CEO of Dr. James Smith, Jr. International, he works with organizations and individuals providing high performance solutions in the areas of leadership, authenticity, diversity inclusion, presentation skills and personal power.

On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes author, speaker, educator and coach Dr. James Smith, Jr. Bridgett and Dr. James how to immediately get the audience's attention and keep it, how to make sure a message resonates, and more.
The difference between when Dr. James first started and where he is today.
Dr. James Smith Jr. : "I used to present to impress, not express."
Recommendations to get rid of filler words and get to where you present to express and not impress."
What kind of mindset do you have to start your presentation and immediately get the audiences attention.
We have to use the pronoun "You" more often when presenting, make it about the audience.
Dr. James has been presenting since 1983 and still gets nervous. The way he calms his nerves is by telling a story.
Attention span times and when to switch up the presentation.
Crash course on how to make sure your message resonates. 
A story where a woman held her hand up with 5 mins left in his presentation. If you call on someone at the end of a presentation, your outcome might not be what you want it to be.
Dr, James take on story telling, we tend to just tell the sotry, we don't become the story.
Look beyond the next level, that means doing what most people wont and others don't.
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