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Own the Microphone

Jan 7, 2021

Own The Microphone Episode 16

People Are Looking Up to You

Guest: Mona Dixon


On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes Mona Dixon. Mona and her family lived on the streets and moved from one homeless shelter to another until she was 13 years old, and a few years later she was honored by President Barack Obama in the oval office. Bridgett and Mona discuss any secrets Mona might have to make sure her message sticks, if Mona gets nervous, and more.


When did Mona Dixon realize that she would be a professional speaker?


Mona originally started in the Boys and Girls Club youth of the year competitions to win scholarships to be able to go to college and finally get out of the homelessness cycle.


What is Mona's secret to make sure that her message resonates, that listeners can take and replicate to make sure their message resonates?  


Mona Dixon: "When someone tells you "by the time you leave here your gonna learn this this and this" well i'm gonna be listening out got this this and this"


Tips on great storytelling.


Start from the lesson that you want to teach people and work backwards from there.


Does Mona Dixon get nervous when speaking?


How does Mona make sure that her power points align with her message?


What else does the audience need to know in order to fully own the microphone?



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