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Own the Microphone

Sep 24, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 5

Your Challenges Are your Gifts

 Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: Scott Leeper 



On July 30th 2020, Scott Leeper is launching Alpha Lima Charlie, a virtual platform for veteran mindset coaching.


What makes Scott Leeper so successful in a presentation? 


You must tailor to your audience. Each audience is different so you cannot have one presentation for all different types of audiences.


How do you decide on how much you should share? How do you pick and choose on what it is you are going to share?

Scott Leeper: "It depends on if you have come to terms with it, if you have made peace with it, if you have accepted it."

Five years ago Scott Leeper would not be sharing this info and talking about this subject because it was still fresh and he was not ready.


Once public speaking became normal to him, talking to thirty plus marines in formation, he became used to it.


"You have to jump off the comfort cliff."


How do you feel 100% confident talking to a crowd when there is a chance that someone in the crowd may know more than you?


Scott Leeper: "I'm actually very appreciative that some people didn't like the  topic because it was triggering for them. I wasn't triggering, the topic was triggering.


Think about the best presentation you ever heard or saw. What did the speaker do that made the presentation so memorable?


Bridgett McGowen: "It doesn't matter on what topic you're speaking...You are going to have somebody in the audience who doesn't like what you are saying"


Scott Leeper: "I don't think you can do it just translates into I just don't think I can do it."

Scott Leeper believes that if someone says they don't believe that you can do something, it is really just them thinking that they themselves cannot do it.


Something that would surprise people about Scott Leeper is that he breaks all tough guy stereotypes. Don't judge a book by its cover.


Scott Leepers' final words: "If you're thinking about owning the microphone, just own it, just do it. 


Scott Leeper is giving away his  "7 Tips To Find Your Purpose As A Veteran" Action Guide!  Go to for more information.
His website is (there will be a green button that will lead them to the free offer if they are not members yet.  
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