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Own the Microphone

Feb 11, 2021

Own The Microphone Episode 21

Instead of Telling a Joke; Do This!

Guest: Debbie Boone

Connect with Debbie on …
Facebook - Debbie Boone- Veterinary Consultant
LinkedIn - Debbie Boone, BS, CVPM, Fear Free Certified
Twitter - Debbie Boone, Veterinary Consultant
Instagram  - Debbie Boone CVPM
On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes veterinary practice consultant Debbie Boone. Debbie has had many jobs in her life, but she ended up in professional speaking and sure knows how to take care of her audience. Bridgett and Debbie discuss how to handle an audience member trying to hijack the presentation and how to make sure your presentations hit the mark every time.
Debbie Boone went from working in restaurants to veterinary medicine to hospitality, did she ever think that she would end up speaking for a living?
How to deal with someone in the crowd that is trying to hijack your presentation.
What role has Debbie's expertise played in her ending up in professional speaking?
If you take care of your audience, your audience will take care of you.
What do do instead of telling a joke when presenting.
How do you make sure that your presentations always hit the mark?
What not to feed the audience for lunch and what not to eat before presenting.
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