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Own the Microphone

Jun 3, 2021

On this week's episode of Own the Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes published poet, speaker with over 500 presentations under her belt, and teacher with the goal to teach women how to create a life filled with passion and purpose, Kiala Givehand. Bridgett and Kiala discuss creative empowerment, living more authentically, not being afraid to share your own personal life experiences, and so much more.

Own the Microphone With Bridgett McGowen. 

Give Both a Lived and Learned Experience

Guest: Kiala Givehand

Kiala offers free access to a course on creative empowerment. The 8-day self-paced course is designed to get your creative juices flowing and moving towards a more creatively empowered life., and it is available at 
Get in touch with Kiala at


What does Kiala Givehand speak on and how is she able to speak with little preparation?


Lived and learned experiences. 

Kiala Givehand: "To me, speaking and teaching just go hand in hand."


Don't be afraid to be yourself and share a part of yourself during a presentation.


Kiala's bio.


A hiccup during a presentation and how Kiala recovered.


Why it is important to visit the place you are presenting before your presentation.


Lightning Round.


One last thing listeners need to own the microphone: Believe in yourself.


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