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Own the Microphone

Feb 18, 2021

Own The Microphone Episode 22

Fuel Your Mind

Guest: JW Rayhons

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JW offers ...
- access to the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment tool
- customized Top5 Results Report
- 30 days' access to the JDev HabitTechnologies app
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On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes JW Rayhons, the founder and president of Rayhons Financial and Joshua Development. Bridgett and JW discuss how to immediately bring the sizzle every time you present, how to keep cut to the chase people interested for a long period of time, how you can inspire others while speaking, and how to make sure you always remember that you are unique. 
What is JW Rayhons' #1 strategy for "bringing the sizzle"?
How do you effectively present to the C-suite?
JW Rayhons: "Go in prepared, go in with a plan, and then be ready to be on your feet."
How do you get a presentation started off on the right foot?
How does JW stay on top of his game when it comes to presenting?
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