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Own the Microphone

Apr 1, 2021

On this week's episode of Own the Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes a woman whose words can stop you in your tracks and stick with you forever, Dr. Regina Lewis. Dr. Regina is a speaker whose presentations are always motivational and inspiring and that create a stillness in the audience.  In this episode, she explains her methods, Dr. Regina's core messages when presenting, tips for introverts, and how to find your coach in the audience.

Own The Microphone With Bridgett McGowen

Find Your Coach in Your Audience

Guest: Dr. Regina Lewis

Dr. Regina offers a free one-sheet of tips on being intentional in your delivery at


Did the comfort of speaking in front of people come naturally to Dr. Regina Lewis? What advice does she have for someone who is not confident in themself when it comes to public speaking?


What is something Dr. Regina does before every presentation to make sure that it is a killer one?


Is Dr. Regina an introvert or extrovert? Plus a tip for introverts presenting.


Dr. Reginas core messages when presenting.


Has Dr. Regina even been in a situation that she has to present something that may be challenging to present and keep the attention of the audience? How does she turn the presentation into a successful experience?


Daily practices to be powerful and to the point every time you speak.


The power of the pause.


Lightning round.


Most important thing: look for a coach in the audience.


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