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Own the Microphone

Nov 12, 2020

Own The Microphone Episode 11

Find Who You Are and You Find Your Voice

Guest: Beth Dillon

This week's guest on Own The Microphone is Beth Dillon, a certified HR professional who put the human back in human resources. Bridgett McGowan and Beth Dillon discuss some go to resources for speeches, how to keep your public speaking skills polished and more.

If you would like to follow Beth’s company's journey, check out the social media accounts below: 
Facebook: Revolutionary HR LLC
Instagram: revolutionaryhrllc
Twitter: RevolutionaryHR
Amazon: Elizabeth Dillon (Own The Microphone)


Bridgett McGowen:


How did Beth Dillon get from having stage fright in college to where she is now, such an incredible speaker, and what are some recommendations she can give to some listeners who can relate?


What are some of Beth Dillons go to resources that are a part of her everyday preparation for speeches or presentations?


Bridgett McGowan: "If you can, if your personality and your content allow for it, have an element of surprise."


What role does attire play in public speaking?


What does Beth Dillon do to keep her speaking skills sharpened and polished, and how does she stay on top of her speaking fame?


What is one thing about Beth Dillon that would surprise her audiences?


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