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Own the Microphone

Sep 3, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 2

Embrace Pain to Avoid Suffering and Gain Freedom

Brian Bogert learned the hard way. That's why he implores others to do the same. Brian found true growth in challenging himself outside of his comfort zone. Bogert brings his personal story of growth and development into his presentations and believes embracing your inner vulnerabilities is an underutilized tool in the public speaking arsenal. Learn. Grow. Challenge. Repeat the cycle over again. 

Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: Brian Bogert





How do you get everyone’s attention and then keep it throughout the entirety of the presentation. 

Bogert on what the audience is thinking when you start a presentation: “Does this person have credibility, do they have expertise, do they have relevance and is there something that I can connect with and relate to.” 


The most important thing to know with public speaking, more important than what you say and how you say is, how you resonate with people’s emotions.


What if you are giving a presentation with a company deck? How do you add life and personality into a scripted presentation?

Bogert: “Too many people depend on the script and don’t actually speak from the heart and believe in what they’re doing.” 


What got Brian Bogert into public speaking? How did he find an interest in it?


A personal story from Brian on nearly losing his life and how it opened his mind to not just speaking and being engaging but the ways to be engaging. 

Brian Bogert: “What’s important is that we pause and be aware of the lessons we can extract from our stories


How Brian learned to embrace pain without suffering.


The world is wrong for telling you to avoid pain. Embrace pain in order to avoid suffering and gain freedom.


Look at the moments in your life of the most profound growth...where did that growth come from? Did it come from pain? Rarely do massive growth moments from when everything is easy. 


What might seem like our own stories that are not distinct or unique can actually be great lessons to pass along to others. 


Why you should challenge yourself to share your personal growth with others.


Do you ever get nervous as a speaker? How do you manage nerves when speaking publicly?


Breathing strategies that are scientifically proven to reduce stress before speaking.


In public speaking you can measure everything you do through impact. 


Don’t misplace nervousness for being bad at public speaking. When nervousness turns into anxiety, then it can be a problem, but nervousness is not indicative of failure in public speaking.”  


How do you stay on top of your game? How do you ensure that you stay polished?


Why you should study other’ll pick up on things the best speakers do.


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Which includes a roadmap for the things you need to think about and consider when putting together a presentation.


The thing that keeps most people from taking action is: Fear


If you want to Own the Microphone, become aware of what’s keeping you from getting on stage.

Show notes:

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Bogert’s Bullets YouTube Page

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