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Own the Microphone

Dec 3, 2020

Own The Microphone Episode 13

Constantly Tease Forward

Guest: Ari Temkin


On this week's episode of Own The Microphone, Bridgett McGowen welcomes radio host on  the Dallas Cowboys pre-and-postgame show on their flagship station 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, and  “Big 12 This Morning” on SiriusXM Big 12 Radio Ch. 375 Ari Temkin. Ari is also a host for podcasts on the CLNS Media Network "Steak, Bourbon, & Sports", "The Cowboys Beat"  and "The Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Coop." Ari and Bridgett talk about how to keep the audience intrigued, how to constantly tease forward, and how Ari owns the microphone.


How does Ari Temkin make sure that he is always dynamic and always drawing his audience in?


Ari Temkin: "You have to continually draw the audience in by constantly teasing forward."


Challenges when teasing forward and keeping the audience tuned in.


Ari Temkin: "The more in depth you can be on the audience member that you are talking too, the better you are understanding what their wants and beliefs are and therefore how to cater your content to fit them and what they want to believe."


Are there times that Ari Temkin shows up without having the t=chance to fully prepare being such a busy guy?


What is it the absolute best speakers do to give audiences the best experience possible?


If you feel like you are being repetitive, take your thesis and repeat it 15 times but back it up with different points. If you can talk about your main point in different ways than you are not being repetitive.


What is Ari's stance on using humor in presentations?


If you don't feel comfortable making jokes about yourself, find content about your industry and riff off of that. 


Ari Temkin: "I talk into a microphone everyday for three hours, and yet the idea of talking in front of people is frightening to me."

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