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Own the Microphone

Oct 1, 2020

Own the Microphone Ep. 6

Be Easy to Impress and Hard to Offend

With over 1800 presentations under his belt, this weeks guest on Own The Microphone is the perfect person to answer any questions on fear of public speaking, mistakes made when presenting, how to fight the need for approval and more. Brian Biro joins Bridgett McGowen for episode 6 of Own The Microphone Podcast.

 Bridgett McGowen:

Guest: Brian Biro  

Twitter @BrianBiro


In Brian Biros eyes, there is a nervousness when it comes to public speaking, but it is a positive nervousness. This Nervousness is not fear based, it is nervousness to bring your all to the presentation, and give everyone in the audience the best you have.


If you have someone who comes to an event who is skeptical towards motivational speaking, do not try and push them to believe whatever you are saying. They will push back and your points will fall upon deaf ears. 


Brian Biro: "As a great speaker, you must be easy to impress and hard to offend."


How do you engage the audience the right way to make sure no matter who is in the audience, you are drawing them in?"


What is the number one mistake that people commit when they make presentations and how do they fix it?


Brian Biro: "Until you get rid of the need for approval, you will never be the speaker you can be."


Brian Biro: "To be a good speaker, to be a good anything, you have to be fully present."

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